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Neologism from the words Chemistry & Mathematics. The precisely calculated & designed mix of edible & drinkable ingredients to produce the perfect gastronomic result to quench your senses!

For the past 15 years the brothers Tolis Brikes (Chemist) & #Babis Brikes (Mathematician) have been addressing meat lovers and satisfying the most demanding palates in their restaurants in Palaia Fokaia & Alimos.

Dishes made with the finest and freshest raw materials, cooked with the highest level of know-how, taste, love and respect for the customer.

The great experience passed down by their butcher father played a big part in the excellent selection of meats one can taste in their restaurants.

Each dish described in this menu is a unique culinary experience with a focus on the good meat you need to experience.

All dishes are served with mathematical precision and chemical balance!

Have a great time!

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